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Sr. House Leagues (13-15U)

Welcome to the Sr. House League!

2017 Evaluations

Parents and Players,

Player evaluations for both 13U and 14/15U will take place on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at the Maple Grove Dome. Please see times below:

13U - 5:30pm to 6:30pm

14/15U - 6:45pm to 7:45pm

Players should arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time to sign in, receive their evaluation number and begin to warm up. Parents are not allowed in the dome during their player's evaluation.

Volunteers Needed for Evaluations

Here's an excellent opportunity to earn some of those Dibs hours that are required this year. Parents are encouraged to click on the Dibs tab at the top of the web page and choose either the 13U or 14/15U session to see 15 available slots for each age group.

Parents may not sign up for a volunteer slot during their player's evaluation time as parents are not allowed in the dome at that time. Parents must sign up for one of the slots for the other age group. Ex: If your player is registered for 13U, you would need to choose a time slot under the Dibs for 14/15U evaluations. 

Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity early in the season so you don't run the risk of running out of opportunities to earn those hours.

Friend & Coach Requests

In this year's registration form, you will once again have the ability to make a friend request. Please understand that we will do our best through the draft process to accommodate a family's request; however, requests are not a guarantee. Our goal is to ensure all kids have a fun and enjoyable experience, so we advise our coaches to draft balanced teams.  We do allow coaches to choose their assistants and to draft the team as they see fit. In addition, we allow coaches to trade players prior to the end of the draft.

If you have a strong interest in your athlete playing with a particular friend or coach, please reach out to the coach to communicate your interest or volunteer to assistant coach prior to April 9th.

Due to the complexity involved in drafting teams, and the impact player transfers can have on multiple players and teams, friend requests will not be granted after teams are drafted.

Joel Milteer

Director - Sr. House Leagues