CANCELLED due to school district facility restrictions

Coaching Clinic for Pitching Instruction

Where: Maple Grove Middle School Gym A&B
Cost: FREE to OMGAA Coaches
To Register: eMail

OMGAA is excited to host the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) Baseball Coaching Clinic for Pitching Instruction. With the importance on arm care and the focus on pitching, our goal is to educate coaches so they feel prepared for this upcoming season. This two-hour clinic is lead by professionals in the field to help coaches understand what to look for in their player's arm safety and to help teach better pitching mechanics for games and drills for practice.  Current and future OMGAA baseball coaches are encouraged to attend.

The instructors for the clinics will be lead by: 
Erika Sandell-Savor, Physical Therapist at Institute for Athletic Medicine and Coordinator of the Thrower's Program. 
Erik Lovdahl, Owner and Operator of Lovdahl Pitching Academy, Director of the Minnesota Twins Youth Training Camps, and Bating Practice Pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.
These clinics will cover such topics as:
  • Proper and Improper Throwing Technique
  • Drills to correct deficits
  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Arm care strategies
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Warning signs
  • Long toss program
  • Drills for practice
  • Partner Pitching
  • Bullpen routine
  • Partner Pickoffs
  • Conditioning Drills
  • Managing your pitching staff

Due to gym space, registration for these clinics will be limited so sign up early to secure your spot.