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Web 101 - Helpful Web Tutorials

Hello and Welcome to OMGAA Web 101.

Here, you will find some helpful tutorials to make your OMGAA Website more enjoyable. This website has some of the most advanced elements that a website has to offer. This may be the first time you have encountered some of the things, such as a Dynamic Calendar or RSS Feeds. I will be adding some tutorials as time permits.


Team Managers Manual

Did you get the fun job of updating your childs team webpage? Check the link to the Team Managers Manual below for some helpful tips.

Team Managers Manual

There is also a pdf of webpage available on the website.

Website Tools & Other Useful Stuff

Team Coaches, Managers and Webmasters (not to mention Players, Parents, Grandparents, etc.) are confronted with a challenging array of issues when it comes to handling information using the computer and the Internet.

Most of us are not Information Technology (IT) types ... techies ... when it comes to using our computers and the Internet. Most of us are thrilled when the durn machine actually works when we turn it on ... and clueless when nothing works ... or, something doesn't work (and, something is always not working, eh?)

It doesn't make our lives any easier that this technology we have to use is non-standard to begin with and is constantly changing to boot ...

While most of us use computers with the Windows Operating System, there are many who use the Apple OS or even some flavor of Linux/Unix. And, even if we were all "Windows users", well what version of Windows are we all using? You're still using 98SE, maybe, and he's using XP and over there that person is using Vista ... and, which Service Pack do you have installed on your System, and are you current with your Updates ... we won't even go there ...

Not only does your Operating System affect how you use your computer and the Internet, but what kinds of software applications you have installed on your System affect what you can do versus what he can do versus what I can do.

For instance, OMGAA uses Adobe PDF (Portable Document Files) format often to pass on league documents.  This is often the best way to share information?  If you don't have the PDF reader on your System, you will not be able to read the League's PDF files.  Also, we use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Word documets, which is fine since most folks have those applications on their system. But, what if you don't? How do you read the League documents if you don't use Excel or Word?

To that end, this page will be dedicated to providing some survival tools and tips that you website visitors can/should use to insure that your visits to OMGAA and elsewhere are reasonably productive. For OMGAA Team Managers and Team Webmasters, we will try to share what we know about how best to get the word out to your Team and anyone who is interested in your Team!

We will start, below, with some links to some must-have applications that you users need to install on your System or that Team Managers/Webmasters need to have in their Tool Box. In no particular order ...


Links To Useful Or Must-Have Applications

Microsoft Word Viewer 2003

If you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your System, goto this link to install the Word viewer so that you can read .doc documents.

Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003

If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on your System, goto this link to install the Excel viewer so that you can read .xls documents.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

If you do not want to deal with Microsoft Word or Excel software, here is a Free Alternative: a Google On-Line application that can Read & Write Microsoft spreadsheet and word-processing documents.

Adobe Portable Document File (PDF) Reader

Install this download and you will be able to read Adobe PDF files. Caution: Be careful about what boxes you check or uncheck during the install so you do not get unwanted applications installed to your System.

PrimoPDF Converter

Team Managers and Webmasters ... this little install might be one of the most useful downloads you can do! The application installs as a printer. You will see this in your Print drop-down as just another printer labeled "PrimoPDF." You can then click on any .xls or .doc file and save it (print it, so to speak) to a PDF format file.

pdf995 - Create PDFs for Free

For those of you who need to do more with the PDF Format such as creating these ubiquitous files from scratch, download and install this application at little or no cost depending upon which version you choose.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

Everyone needs to have another Browser besides Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on their System! When things go wrong when you are surfing the Internet and you browser clunks-out, you need another browser in order to "trouble-shoot" the problem. Is it the browser or the Internet? Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser to use as a back-up. Many folks use it exclusively and never use IE. You do need to put this ap on your System!

Avast Home Edition Anti-Virus

We all need to have a good Anti-Virus application on our System, and you do not have to spend any money to have that! I like Norton Anti-Virus and so forth, but this Free Application is very good. Caution: be careful that you do not select the "Pro" version when downloading. That will cost you some bucks, and that version is not necessary for you.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Spyware Checker

Everyone also needs to have at least three Spyware Checkers on their System. This one is pretty good. You have to be careful that you get the Lavasoft Brand Spyware Checker and not a knock-off with a similar name that will cost you money and/or ruin your System!

Spybot Search & Destroy

This will be the 2nd Anti-Spyware ap that you should install on your System. Very good and highly rated! Run this one every 3 or 4 weeks, or so (or more, if your System is acting very strangely ...)

Microsoft Defender

This will be your 3rd Anti-Spyware application. Actually, this Microsoft application is really pretty good! (Well, they bought out the company that created this one and haven't ruined it, yet ...) You can set this one up to run automatically in the background, everyday. Put this on your System, please!