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STORM Boys Baseball FAQ

Questions contact Candy Anderson League Director at


  • OMGAA will be registering each travel baseball team for up to 4 tournaments throughout season based on tournament availability.
  • If a 4th tournament has not been confirmed, OMGAA will pay for a State Tournament Registration and/or Gate Fee if applicable. 
  • OMGAA Travel Director and Head Coaches will decide on tournament schedule. 
  • All 9U-14U Tournament Schedules are subject to change.
  • * Tournaments that will cost families an additional amount due to registration and hotel charges.
  • **Divisions for this age group are still being determined.
14AAA   14AA   14A    
Wayzata: May 19-21   Bloomington: May 12-14   EastRidge: May 12-14    
Woodbury: June 2-4   Lakeville: May 19-21   Bloomington: June 2-4    
Bloomington: June 16-18   Mahtamedi: June 2-4   Wayzata: June 9-11    
Iowa: June 23-25   Owatonna: June 9-11   Delano: June 16-18    
13AAA   13AA GOLD   13AA BLACK   13A
Bloomington: May 12-14   Woodbury: May 5-7   Lakeville: May 5 -7   Lakeville: May 5-7
Brooklyn Park: May 19-21   Wayzata: May 19-21   Wayzata: May 19-21   Bloomington: May 19-21
Rochester: June 2-4   OMGAA: June 9-11   OMGAA: June 9-11   OMGAA: June 2-4
TBD   TBD   TBD   Woodbury: June 16-18
12AAA   12AA   12A BLACK   12A GOLD
Brooklyn Park: May 19-21   Eden Prairie: May 5-7   EastRidge: May 12-14   Lakeville: June 9-11
Wayzata: June 2-4   Brooklyn Park: May 19-21   Lakeville: June 9-11   New Ulm June 16-18
Bloomington: June 16-18   EastRidge: June 9-11   Woodbury: June 16-18   TBD
*Omaha: June 22-25   Mahtomedi: June 16-18   TBD   TBD
11AAA   11AA   11A    
EastRidge: May 19-21   Elk River: May 5-7   EastRidge: May 12-14    
Woodbury: June 2-4   Lakeville: May 19-21   Eden Prairie: June 2-4    
Lakeville: June 9-11   EastRidge: June 9-11   Minnetonka: June 9-11    
*Omaha: June 22-25   Mahtomedi: June 16-18   Woodbury: June 16-18    
10AAA   10AA   10A BLACK   10A GOLD
Lakeville: May 5-7   Bloomington: May 12-14   EastRidge: May 12-14   Soderville/Ham Lake: May 5-7
EastRidge: May 19-21   Delano: May 19-21   Eagan: May 19-21   Prior Lake: June 2-4
Bloomington: June 23-25   Mahtomedi: June 2-4   Lakeville: June 9-11   Woodbury: June 16-18
TBD   TBD   Rochester: June 16-18   Bloomington: June 23-25
9AAA   9AA        
EastRidge: May 19-21   Bloomington: May 12-14        
Woodbury: June 2-4   EastRidge: June 9-11        
Bloomington: June 23-25   Delano: June 16-18        
TBD   TBD        



League Description

Storm baseball is the most competitive level of baseball offered by OMGAA. We have teams for players from ages 9-14. At the ages 10-14 we will  field 4 teams 1 team that plays at the AAA level and 2 teams that play at the AA level, as well as 1 team that plays at the A level.   Storm teams will play 16 league games (12 at 9U), 8 in Maple Grove and 8 away games throughout the metro area. There will also be league playoff games, which start in mid July.

Over the years Storm teams have been very successful and have even won the State Tournament that takes place each July against as many as 30 other teams. The Gopher State Tournament champion receives their championship rings on the field during a Twins game in August. Along with league play each team will participate in 4 weekend tournaments, typically 2 in May and 2 in June at locations throughout the metro area and occasionally out of town.

Baseball Registration Fee: 

  • 9U:  $270 (includes non-refundable tryout fee of $25)
  • 10U–14U:  $270 (includes non-refundable tryout fee of $25)

Traveling Fee: An additional $375 Travel Fee will be collected at registration.  If your player does not make a travel team and is moved to house, you will be refunded that amount.

Additional fees:  Teams that qualify and play in one or both state tournaments will incur additional fees for these tournaments.  

  • State tournament fee:  Approximately $400/team
  • State tournament Gate fee:  Approximately $150/team


9U (3rd Grade):  9AAA, 9AA Tournament Team (Players are chosen from those that tried out for 9AAA Team and have been moved to OMGAA House Program.

10U (4rd Grade):  10AAA, (2) 10AA, 10A

11U (5th Grade):  11AAA, (2) 11AA, 11A

12U (6th Grade):  12AAA, (2) 12AA, 12A

13U (7th Grade):  13AAA, (2) 13AA, 13A

14U (8th Grade):  14AAA, (2) 14AA, 14A


  • If player does not make a travel team, the player is automatically placed in the appropriate grade house league.
  • Number of teams at all levels is subject to change based on number of player registrations and/or skill level.


  • 9U - 5/1/2013 through   4/30/2014 
  • 10U - 5/1/2012 through 4/30/2013 
  • 11U - 5/1/2011 through 4/30/2012
  • 12U - 5/1/2010 through 4/30/2011
  • 13U - 5/1/2009 through 4/30/2010 
  • 14U - 5/1/2008 through 4/30/2009 

** The birthdate cutoff is April 30. The age level for which a player is eligible is the player’s age on April 30.  A request can be submitted to the Director for a player to play with an older group, but not a younger group.  This request will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.